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Advantages of 3D Animation and 3D Visualization


Through high-quality 3D animation and 3D visualization you have a huge advantage in the marketing of products and in the final purchasing decision of customers.

By means of 3D visualization you inspire and touch your customers emotionally. Bring your characters to life! Visualize your ideas! Nothing is impossible, too big or too small for the 3D animation. Even the finest processes that are impossible to film in a sequence can be shown exactly and understandable by means of 3D animation. In a photorealistic illustration you have the ability to demonstrate in detail what your product can really do and what its advantages are.

If you are convinced of the benefits of spatial 3D Animation and want to help your customers to experience spatially your ideas in a creative, artistic design, then browse around and spend some time with us.

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As 3D Animation Studio we offer in the field of 3D visualization many solutions for marketing your products


3D Character

3D visualization of virtual characters are being used increasingly in many areas. We can visualize the characters at the highest level. On the basis of a drawing we will produce your character. Furthermore, we can create the character 3D animation for you. It does not matter whether you order an animal, a human or a robot. Character animation is our core area.

pentax 3D visualization

3D visualization

Using 3D visualization we are able to show what cannot be seen or is very difficult to see. Theoretical processes or procedures, cities, peoples and animals from the past, spaceships and technology from the future, or even life in micro- and macrocosm can be made tangible and visible using this technique. For the research, science and engineering visualization can be very useful.

Game-assets-3D visualization

3D graphics “for a Game“

In the development of games we can be a competent partner in the modeling (3ds Max, Zbrush, Maya) and texturing (high and low poly) of objects (Game Assets). As characters is our core area, we offer character design, modeling, rigging, character animation, facial animation and lip sync. By means of 3D animation we can also create complete cut scenes or game intros for you.


3D Film Production

Hardly one could imagine nowadays a film production without 3D animation, e. g. corporate video, advertising film, industrial film, music video or movies for marketing. Everywhere we can help you to make your movies look modern, exciting, contemporary and up to date using the latest 3D visualization technology. We are very happy to use our knowledge and skills in 3D space at the highest level for the production of your films.

As 3D computer animation company, we would like to make your products visible using the 3D visualization to present them in the best way.

anatomie-character-medizin-3D visualization

Visualization in medicine

By means of 3D visualization we make the invisible visible, so complex contents can be easily conveyed to a non-specialist audience. We offer solutions – 3D design, 3D visualization, 3D animation, 3D character animation to illustrate your complex contents. Through communication we will certainly come to a result that will satisfy you and bring you benefits.


Visuall Effects

Using 3D effects we can install objects that do not exist in a real scene so that the viewer perceives this as real. These 3D objects include humans, animals or fantasy characters. In addition, we will create fire, fog, explosions, water, etc., as visual effects. This 3D visualization techniques can be used for architectural visualization, image film, game intro or for a fictional film.


Illustration / 2D und 3D

In the case that you have only a slight idea and do not imagine the product figuratively, either 2D (Digital Painting) or 3D Illustration is often used. So we can bring your ideas out. Using your description of the idea we can make illustrations of landscapes, humans and animals, drawings of concepts for games and movies as well as character development and background images for cartoons.

Architectural visualization-interior-wohnzimmer

Architectural Visualization

Also, for architectural and real estate 3D visualization the 3D animation is applied in photorealistic quality. From a 2D architectural drawing we visualize your architectural ideas in a pleasant atmosphere. High-quality and realistic 3D architectural visualizations you can use on the internet, in brochures, for printing and on construction signs, which can bring you great advantages in the successful real estate marketing.

3D Animation Studio LotusArt was founded in 2002. We are a dynamic, flexible company in the service of your projects. The team consists of a network of graphic designers, animators, video and compositing operators, who have turned their passion into a profession. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything, you will get your 3D visualization as usual from a single source.

Some of our references

dreamdance Disney dior_logotranceKolonie

anifabrik albis airberlin-logo laura1Trickompany

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Azentas World, 3d-io games, Rtl Wintersport, Westernpferd, Weddingsplaner, Wendy, EisbaerBabySuperstar, 22 Hunde-spiele, Yeti Sports – Penguin Party Island.


Sat1-Trickserie: “Junior”, Der kleine Eisbaer, Lauras Stern 1 & 2

Technical 3D visualization:

Brother Drucker, Leoni, ALBIS Messefilm, Fluvo Wasserpumpe.

Realtime Internet Projects:

Virtual Female Guide for AVirtualus.


Trance Angel, Club Rotation, Dream Dance.

Visual Effects:

integrated virtual character “Teddy Bears” for Dorint.

Architectural Rendering:

Olpenitz, Conference Building for Dubai, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Kreuznach II, Baden Baden Project.


Hubba Bubba, Good Year, Dior, TuiFly, AirBerlin, Phyzex Robot Logo Animation, Jewellery diamond Ring, Fluvo Logo Animation, Logo Port Olpenitz, Lomapharm Logo Animation, Imagefilm für Heritus AG.

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